Temporary Implants – To Re-position and Correctly Align your Teeth

Temporary Implants – Anchorage Devices to Support Orthodontic Treatments

What are temporary implants or temporary anchorage devices (TAD’s)?
These mini screws are used to precisely align crowded or poorly positioned tooth areas. TAD’s are often used in combination with orthodontic treatment (braces), or Invisalign to help move your teeth faster. They are used to close spaces in between and up-righting your teeth, correcting an open bite situation and various other alignment issues.

This small screw like implant is made out of a biologically compatible stainless steel and titanium alloy. It is known to be the safest metal product designed for use in the human body! It won’t cause any unwanted reactions and is only meant to stay in place for a limited time, no more then several months. TAD’s are often used to attain more pulling force and also act as a replacement for headgear.

Temporary Implants - Mini Implants

These mini implants are a temporary solution and are usually placed in the jawbone between the roots, either above or below your teeth. There exact placement depends on your specific case, and the quality of your jawbone. The procedure is simple and fast, usually taking just a few minutes to perform with the use of anesthesia. There is no necessity for drilling holes or incising the gums like with other implants. The procedure is practically painless, however, a certain level of discomfort in the form of pressure in jaw line might occur.

Normally, TAD’s are used for a few months to support the re-alignment of your teeth, and after this period the devices are simply removed. As with every dental appliance, thorough cleaning is required in order to avoid plaque, infection and to ultimately achieve the best results. One thing you need to know is that in about 10% of the cases, they may self detach from their position. It’s because they are designed for temporary use, which is the opposite function of a full size dental implant.

Are temporary implants – TAD’s – right for me?
TAD’s were designed for use by patients who already have permanent teeth, and if deemed necessary in conjunction with more typical orthodontic treatments. They can be used for patients ten years of age and older. Of course, a healthy oral environment is crucial, patients with any kind of gum disease are recommended to avoid this treatment option.


  • Excellent for re-aligning molars that have shifted position, and you want to replace a missing tooth
  • Closes open bites without surgical intervention
  • Shortens orthodontic treatment time by a third
  • Can be used in areas where other options are impractical
  • Eliminates the need for rubber bands or headgear
  • Provides significantly better end results


  • TAD’s can loosen
  • Implant breakage can occur
  • There can be additional costs (material fees and surgical time to replace them)

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