Prettau® Zirconia: Special Translucent Material

Unbreakable, Natural Looking Dental Implant Teeth with Prettau® Zirconia

The new gold standard in dental restoration materials, is Prettau® Zirconia. They are becoming the product of choice among clients and dental experts at Westcoast International Dental Clinics in Vietnam.

Prettau® Zirconia: Special Translucent Material Westcoast

Westcoast International is proud to be the first dental clinic and lab in Vietnam, to provide full arch, dental bridges, and grinder bruxer restorations, using Prettau® by Zirconia. The Italian manufacture (Zirkonzahn) is a pioneer in dental restoration products in Europe. The quality of their products provide the highest standards for strength, and are globally recognized in modern dentistry for their naturally aesthetic, characteristics. This cutting edge dental restoration technology, is a breakthrough for dental clinics in Vietnam. Which is rapidly evolving into, one of the premier destination for first rate dental treatment and services, by visiting dental tourists and overseas guests.

What can Prettau® by Zirkhonzahn be used for?

  • All-on-4 or All-on-6 implant solutions for upper or lower arches
  • Dental bridges for one or more missing adjacent teeth
  • Bruxer Crowns – if you grind your teeth, then these crowns are made for you!  They won’t break and look just like natural teeth
  • Highest resistance to fracturing for inlays or outlays, and for restoring biting surfaces on molars

Prettau® Zirconia restorations provide incredible strength, comfort, and highly satisfying aesthetics.

By combining the ingenuity and skill of our laboratory experts, with the exceptional dental value of the zirconium dioxide compound itself. We are able to custom design teeth with precision and efficiency, which look and feel incredibly natural. Our master dental technician, comments, “Prettau ® Zirconia strongly resembles the translucence of real tooth enamel. In fact, most people can’t tell the difference between real teeth and the ones crafted out of Prettau® Zirconia”.

“Furthermore, dental prosthetic’s made of Zirconia are designed for maximum durability! Unlike other restorative materials like porcelain or acrylic, Zirconium is extremely resistant to breakage, cracking, or chipping. In comparison, to conventional porcelain alternatives, mirror-finished, polished, Zirconia is 1000 times less abrasive and non-porous in composition, making it stain resistant for years”.

At Westcoast, all of our restorative prosthetic’s are made in house by our talented, qualified, team of lab technicians.  Our lab techs are able to fabricate any type of dental restorations, to meet your specific and personalized needs.

The consistently, satisfying, aesthetics and outstanding durability of Prettau® Zirconia. Will insure that your bridge lasts 10 years or more and will look just like your natural teeth.

Prettau® Zirconia: Special Translucent Material Westcoast

Who is a suitable candidate for this procedure?
There are no special restrictions when using Prettau® Zirconia, for your specific restoration needs. Prosthetic’s made of Zirconium are known to be highly bio compatible, and assure a substantially lower risk of rejections, allergic reactions or side effects. In terms of comfort, Prettau® Zirconia is highly effective, and will not irritate your soft tissues or gums.

For more information on how our team of experts can assist you, with a personal assessment, treatment recommendations, or a price quote for your preferred restoration. Feel free to contact us or visit us, at any of one of the conveniently located Westcoast International Dental Clinics, in HCMC or Hanoi.

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