All On 6 Dental Implants

All On 6 Dental Implant Solution Offers a Constraint-free Bite and Smile

With the All On 6 dental implant option, bite force and loading are distributed more evenly, significantly reducing the risk of implant failures.

All On 6 Dental Implants Solution

Many of you have heard of the All-On-4 implant placement technique, where only four implant posts are strategically positioned to support your entire upper or lower jaw. All On 6 dental implants is similar to this All-on-4 solution, requiring only two more implants.

People are usually confused about which option is most appropriate, and what are the upsides and downsides of each procedure. The most common question our patients ask us is, “which is the best solution, to have more implants or less”?  The answer of course is unique to your specific case!

Let’s explore the general facts and figures of each, and you’ll soon understand which treatment option is best for you.

Why choose All On 6 dental implants?
Individual specifications aside, the simple reason why the All On 6 dental implants solution will be more successful is simply because of the number of implants placed.

The reason why most people choose 4 instead of 6 implants is mainly because of economic factors, more implants generally equate to a slightly higher cost. However, as a long-term investment in your oral health and well-being, we highly recommend that you take time, plan carefully and choose wisely.

The way the All-On-4 technique functions is just like the four wheels on a car. If one of the four wheels breaks down the whole vehicle is rendered unstable. Essentially the three implants remaining will become overloaded, and become unable to support the lower or upper arch as intended. Eventually the overload will result in the failure of the remaining implants as well.

With the All On 6 implant technique, your bite force and loading are distributed over more implants. In which case even if you experience a single implant failure, the remaining structure should still function well. In order to determine your suitability for the All-on-6 technique, you’ll need to schedule a consultation and thorough oral examination with your dental surgeon. The professional advise you receive should be contemplated carefully when you are considering your options. 

Bone density
Bone mass quality varies from person to person, case to case. It’s the key factor in determining the outcome of your treatment, and the success rate of your implants integration into your bone. Even though 6 implants are stronger than four, adequate bone mass is mandatory in order to effectively support your implants. Marginal bone mass quality is usually more common in individuals who have been missing teeth for an extended period of time.

A major issue that can sometimes occur, relates to the required length of the prosthesis. During the implant installation process, your dental specialist will take care to avoid placement near sensitive areas. Such as the sinuses and nerves which may be closer to insertion points, due to your excessive bone loss. From an engineering standpoint, it’s then necessary to create a cantilever that extends further than what is normally desired. In this case a tool called a multi-unit abutment is used, which is tremendously helpful in precisely angling the prosthetic and increasing strength and functionality.  

Cantilever’s that extend back posteriorly cause negative impacts to the implants, the surrounding bone, and can even lead to bridge fractures.

A common issue relative to the All-On-4 implant design is that the screws being used are subjected to a lot of stress.  The All-On-4 technique uses a double screw system. Basically, you have moving parts one on top of another, and the screws that attach the prosthesis to the bridge are very small. The maximum torque the screws can sustain is about 15 Ncm, which is about half of what an abutment crown can endure.  

All On 4 Dental Implant ProcedureA point of concern is the implants must be placed very deep to allow for the height of the double screw system.  In the lower jaw, it’s generally not an issue.  However, in the upper arch, especially in cases where limited bone and a gummy smile is prevalent, a lot of bone and gum must be removed.  This is necessary in order to place and conceal the double screw top under the gum, which could result in the use of much shorter implants. 

The main objective is to successfully determine the placement of your implants for maximum force distribution, in accordance with your individual dental situation and characteristics. Technically, more implants give you greater stability, which in some cases makes the All On 6 dental implants option the best selection. In some instances when even greater force distribution is needed, up to 8 or more implants can be strategically placed.

The placement and installation of implants is specific to each individual. The number of implants that will be most appropriate for you, will vary depending on your bone quality. Generally, bone mass is healthier in the lower jaw, and fewer implants are required in comparison to the upper jaw. For a standard case where decent bone quality is present, 6 implants for upper jaw and 4 for the lower should be sufficient.

All On 6 dental implants is most assuredly a more comfortable dental replacement solution than regular dentures.  There will be nothing touching the roof of your mouth or being placed over your gums, creating discomfort or soreness. With implants you can say good bye to feelings of insecurity, and loose fitting, easily shifting dentures.

For maximum comfort and long term satisfaction, at Westcoast International Dental Clinics (WIC) we offer custom made Prettau® by Zirconia porcelain bridges. Depending on the height of your gums and the curvature of your smile, we can design a full arch bridge without artificial gum material. Your teeth will emerge from the gums, creating an even more natural looking and comfortable feeling result.

What experience tells us?
WIC is one of the leading clinics in Vietnam, specializing in the field of Implantology!  We offer our patients the best possible quality service, and always guarantee our results! Research has proven that there is a high success rate when it comes to dental implants (more than 95%). At WIC we always aim for 100%, and we provide a 10-year guarantee for every implant procedure we perform.

A major contribution to the success and longevity of the treatment is your responsibility as a patient. That is accomplished by living a healthy lifestyle and being consistent with your oral care at home. If you follow WIC post treatment care with diligence, your implants can last your lifetime.

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