Dental Implants: Benefits

Dental Implants are the Best Option for Improving Your Smile and Quality of Life

An obvious reason for considering dental implants is that implants can help people without teeth, eat better and smile with more confidence. Many folks feel that a lovely smile makes a great and lasting first impression, wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone’s signature smile could last a lifetime! Fortunately, with the advancements in dental technology, and the numerous treatment options available, it can. From simple procedures such as cosmetic whitening, or veneer overlays, it’s relatively easy to regain the perfect white shade for your teeth. There are also other more complex solutions and restoration options, like dentures or implants to suit your needs, desire and budget.

Among  your various dental restoration options, it is worth mentioning that dental implants are the best option for improving both your smile and quality of life.

Dental Implants Benefits Westcoast Dental ClinicImproved appearance
One of the greatest advantages of the implant replacement option, is the way it can enhance your appearance and self esteem. Bone loss resulting from missing teeth, combined with sagging skin due to the natural aging process, can make you look older than your actual age. Establishing an anchor (replacement tooth root) for your new crown can prevent your existing teeth from shifting. Furthermore, it will provide the jawbone with the necessary stimulation which in turn enables you to look younger and feel confident again!

Implants feel and perform just like a natural tooth root, so there is generally no unusual or artificial feelings associated with it.  Surprisingly, there are cases when implants can function even better than your natural teeth.

Higher strength and longevity
Dental implants are known to have the highest performance rating relative to bite force pressure, in comparison to other tooth-teeth replacement options. In addition, considering the complexity of the installation process, implant posts are designed to last a long time, especially if they are maintained effectively. According to statistics the successful integration rate for a dental implant is 98%, and even after 10 years the rate of continuing stability is 95%.

With diligent and consistent home care and frequent dental checkups, your implants can last a life time! Which is a much higher durability rate in comparison to other restoration options. Another key benefit associated with an implant restoration is, your ability to bite and chew will feel as natural and normal as ever. Essentially, you can eat what you’ve always enjoyed without being concerned about hard or tough foods, like nuts and meats.

Benefit your healthy teeth
One of the major factors which makes dental implants superior to other methods, is the effect it will have on your whole oral structure. Unlike common bridgework where other healthy teeth are ground down and diminished, implants do not require this procedure. In addition, implants replace your natural roots, leaving no empty spaces between your teeth. Which will eliminate any movement or possibility of misalignment occurring to your existing teeth.

Another crucial factor that requires some consideration is the containment of bone loss, with implants constant force and pressure will be applied to your teeth and jawbone. Therefore your bone will not lose the stimulation that is vital, to the maintenance and preservation of it’s form and density.

Regular dentures require frequent adjustments to prevent shifting and slippage, to eliminate feelings of insecurity and other alien sensations in the mouth. In contrast, implants are fixed and there will never be a struggle, or complications with your speech, or pronunciation. You can express yourself freely, laugh and kiss naturally, without apprehension or concern.

Personal maintenance of your new implant will be as easy as ever, and requires nothing more than daily brushing and flossing (or proxy brushing). Basically, you’ll need to care for your implant just like you’d care for your natural teeth! Keep in mind, regular visits to see your dentist and hygienist for check-ups and cleaning, is a key factor in the long term performance and success of your implant.

Overall health and Self-esteem
Your oral health will have a high impact on your general sense of well being. Dental implants can minimize the bad bacteria in your mouth which reduces your oral environments exposure to infection, gum and other inflammatory diseases. All of which can manifest if left unchecked, as heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and many more chronic disorders.

Dental implants will give you back your smile, minimize your discomfort, and reduce embarrassing moments like you’ve perhaps experienced in the past. In essence, implants will contribute to your peace of mind and you’ll soon be feeling freer, more like yourself and enjoying life. You’ll be engaging in daily activities, such as eating (chewing-biting) with confidence, talking up a storm and smiling, naturally from ear to ear.

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