Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry

Ease dental fear with sleep dentistry.

What is sleep dentistry?
Does the idea of being in a dental chair makes your body shiver in fear? Well you are not alone, many people experience this uncomfortable condition. For some of us the symptoms can become so severe, that suffering with aching teeth is preferred over a dreaded visit to the dentist. In many cases, parents can unconsciously pass this phobia on to their children and they embody the same fear.

When you are tense and experiences a high degree of fear, it puts a lot pressure on your dentist as well. Luckily, there is an option to aid in the relaxation of this phobia, it’s commonly known as sleep dentistry. The results of which will relax and make you feel sleepy, minimizing your experience of pain, and reducing your awareness and recollection of the treatment.

How it works?
Essentially, a sedative is injected intravenously, either within the inner elbow or on top of your hand. After the medication reaches your bloodstream, you’ll start feeling relaxed and calm but not completely asleep. You will remain conscious and capable of responding to verbal cues from your dentist or his support staff. However, you will have no awareness of sights, smells, or sounds and you’ll recall very little about your appointment the following day.

Sleep Dentistry Vietnam

Before receiving sleep dentistry, it is recommended that you don’t eat or drink for 8 hours.

Is it safe?
You can rest assured that the sleep dentistry process is perfectly safe, effective, and administered under supervision of a trained professional. However, the procedure isn’t recommended if you are pregnant, intoxicated, allergic to Benzodiazepine, prone to CNS depression, and in some instances if you have glaucoma.

How long is the recovery period?
It can vary from case to case, but generally, you will start to feel more alert once the local anesthesia has been terminated. You should have an adult stay with you, until you’ve fully regained consciousness.

You might also feel a little drowsy for some period of time, if so and if you feel nauseated, your doctor may prescribe a remedy for your discomfort. It’s recommended that you refrain from driving any motor vehicles, for at least a day after you’ve received the sleep dentistry. It’s also advised that you don’t eat heavily, drink alcohol or take other medications after the procedure, unless you’ve first consulted with your dentist.

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